Demand Stems From Innovation 革新引领需求 Unknown 2012/09/18

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I'm not an Apple fan, but I'd like to call Steve Jobs godfather because he was so innovative. I believe his mindset(理念) should be studied by all industries. That is, in the quest(追求) for increased market share, it is innovation that spurs(刺激) demand, instead of the other way round.

Jobs didn't agree with conventional theory that marketing strategies should cater to(迎合,为……服务) customer needs. He thought this was a waste of time as lots of people didn't know what they needed and what was going to come into existence. So there will be no expectation if there is no imagination. We hadn't known the delicacy of cooked food until Suiren made fire by drilling wood, and we have since made food an eternal(永恒的) culture. We hadn't know how warm fabrics(织物) would be until Leizu raised silkworms, and now we have made clothing part of etiquette(礼仪、规矩). We hadn't expected a flash in the darkness until Thomas Edison invented the light bulb(电灯), and now lights have become a common thing the world over. We hadn't had an idea about flying until Wright brothers invented the aircraft, and by now aircraft have become a bridge in the sky. Thinking differently and making what you think a reality distinguish an invertor from ordinary people. Making his dreams come true and being a market trailblazer(开拓者<trail可作蔓藤解释,blaze是割的意思>) distinguished Jobs from other inventors.

New York City Mayor(市长) Michael Bloomberg said that Jobs "will be remembered with Edison and Einstein". It was not an overstatement(夸大其词、言过其实). Jobs, who returned to Apple 14 years ago, presented his dream with a spate(股、流) of "Think Different" ads. Push forward with innovation. The Apple II, the first mass-produced microcomputer, led the human-computer interaction technology and triggered the way of revolutionizing personal computers. The Mactonish, powered by the pioneering(领先的) GUI technology, did away with cumbersome(阻碍的、麻烦的<cumber是个动词,阻碍的意思>) commands. The iPod perfectly combined music and technology and marked the beginning of the revolution of digital music. The iPhone overthrew(推翻) traditional cellphone concepts and unveiled(揭开) the era(时代) of state-of-the-art mobile devices. The iPad is trying to eliminate keyboards and mouses, triggering a revolution of Mobile Terminal. With the "Think Different" philosophy, courage, insight and creavity, Apple has turned complicated lab technologies into simple products that have changed our lives with perfect designs.

Stay hungry, stay foolish and keep a beginner's mind. Jobs used his boundless(无穷的、无限的) imagination and amazing innovation to realize his dream of changing the world. He thought "Death is very likely the single best invention of life" for it cleared out the old to make way for the new. The man who has changed the world has passed, and in his wake the world will keep changing.


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